Files section in cPanel

Files section in cPanel


  • File Manager - allows you to manage your site through HTTP rather than an FTP tool or other third-party application. You can upload, create or delete files, organize files in folders and change file permissions. While not as sophisticated as most FTP tools, File Manager gives you all the basic functionality necessary to manage your site.
  • Legacy File Manager - you can check how the Legacy File Manager works here.
  • FTP accounts - this cPanel feature allows you to create, manage and delete separate FTP accounts. You will need a third-party FTP program to access your files. You can check our comprehensive FTP tutorial here. You can define to which directory the FTP account has access. You can also alter its quota. The Configure FTP Client feature displays the proper settings for an FTP client so you can easily configure it. At the end of the FTP accounts page, there are the raw access logs for the FTP connections.

Your domain should be pointed to the Server for the raw logs to work.

  • FTP Session Control - This function allows you to check who is currently logged into your site through FTP. You can also terminate any FTP connection to your site.


  • Anonymous FTP - This allows access to your anonymous FTP directory without having a password to log in. This may be useful if you have files that you wish to be publicly available for download.

Please note that allowing anonymous access to any part of your system may be considered a security hole. Thus it is not recommended.

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