Green Hosting

We All Must Do Our Part for the Environment and is Doing Theirs By Becoming a Green Hosting Site for Shared Hosting, Domain Registration, and WordPress Hosting.

We live in a unique world. Through the years, the overuse of paper products and people just taking advantage of our great land has led to concerns for the environment. Like the rest of you, is concerned about the environment and is always on the lookout for ways to have a positive impact on the world around us. Throughout the years we have been in business, we have brainstormed on ways to improve our earth and to leave less of an imprint on the environment. is known for being a fast, reliable, scalable, and eco-friendly provider of domain registration, WordPress hosting, and shared hosting, resource, but that is not enough to make a true impact on the world. We can do more, and we have.

Five years ago, we embarked on a mission to make our site among the most eco-friendly domain registration, shared hosting, and WordPress hosting sites available, but we could not do it alone. We decided to move our hosting farms to Amazon Web Service. This cloud based hosting farm option allows for the same fast, reliable service is known for, but with a far better impact on the world around us.

Amazon Web Services or AWS has committed to an environmentally friendly business model to help the planet as much as possible. It was natural for us to choose this service as our overall environmental values line up. Applications are run through cloud-based programs to emphasize the renewable energy mindset. AWS has shown a long-term commitment to 100% renewable energy usage and is just another part in the process of achieving a reduction of our global infrastructure footprint.

AWS focuses on 4 areas that complement one another. These areas include…

Energy Efficiency – Providing energy efficient programs for better performance and less demand on resources.

Continuous Innovation – The world’s technology changes sometimes on a daily basis and AWS is committed to seeking out and adapting to innovative programs as they come available.

Advocacy – Not only does AWS market their 100% Renewable Energy tools to their affiliates, they work to be a light for others to follow suit. Amazon is one of the world’s most recognizable brands and as they adapt to the need for eco-friendly options, smaller companies will as well.

Renewable Energy – Energy is all around us and how it is used will determine a company’s overall infrastructure footprint. At AWS, they are always on the lookout for renewable energy resources that benefit the environment rather than further tearing it down.

Amazon Web Services has been influential in emphasizing the need in renewable energy resources such as solar and utility scale wind farms. These farms have been placed in strategic locations across the country in places like, North Carolina, Virginia, Ohio, and Indiana.

Indiana’s farm is located in Fowler ridge and was the first AWS renewable energy project on record. The midwestern wind farm began operations on January 1, 2016 and has been going strong since. The more recent additions to Amazon’s growing renewable resource infrastructure was in 2017 in Virginia. Not only was the state host to one farm, but 5 making a considerable impact on renewable energy resources in Virginia. is always on the lookout for ways to positively impact our world and we are proud to be a part of AWS and their renewable energy projects. Even though we are primarily focused on domain registration, WordPress hosting, and shared hosting for our clientele, we never want to feel as though we are neglecting the environment.

As we move forward in our efforts to positively impact the environment, look for to utilize even more resources to make our planet better through environmentally friendly efforts.