About Our Company

AVHoster is proud to serve its customers and offers fast, reliable, and most importantly, comprehensive WordPress hosting shared hosting, domain registration and more. We do not believe in providing average service to our clientele but are always working to improve our client-customer relations. We are confident in our services and products available, and you will be too.

Many domain registrations and hosting sites are available these days, but efficiency and reliability are what customers want, not merely flashy slogans and false promises. AVHoster began in 2007 with a dream team of highly successful and proven industry professionals. They intended to deliver the very best web hosting services to their customers.

Customers want more than just an available host. Anyone can host, but to be genuinely fruitful, you must have proven skills at shared hosting, domain registration, and WordPress hosting. Our team not only are veterans in the industry but work to provide the best prices as well.

Our clients come from every genre of hosting needs from those that desire necessities to sites that require great WordPress hosting and available features. Affordability and professional service is what we strive for at AVHoster. Everyone deserves their piece of the internet pie, and with us, you can have yours with an efficient, reliable, and safe process to create your ultimate internet presence.

At AVHoster, our client’s needs are our primary focus. Our low-cost complete web hosting provider services will always be available to our client. We maintain the highest standard of shared hosting and plan to provide comprehensive web hosting to our clients. When you trust AVHoster with your domain registration, WordPress hosting, shared hosting and other services, you receive a robust infrastructure for your site, unfailing and redundant connection, superior 24/7 client support, and most importantly, unmatched security.


We began through a partnership with two industry veterans in 2007. These veterans had one primary focus: to provide the best quality web hosting space at affordable prices. AVHoster.com started with this mindset and has continued to pursue high-quality domain registration, and shared hosting for all.


During this critical year, AVHoster.com began a second location on 151 Front Street West, Ontario, Canada. Additionally, we produced a new line of services in 2008. AVHoster expanded its operations to include voice over IP services through ABC-VOIP LTD.


A move from 2010 to a new location was just what the doctor ordered for AVHoster.com. Our move took us to an area north of Toronto. This move enabled us to have far better connectivity with a carrier that provided 10 Gbps and direct connectivity to 151 Front St. and Mississauga Data Center. With better connectivity comes more competitive shared hosting, domain registration, and additional service to our clientele.


The introduction of AVHoster’s hosting farm during 2011 allowed us to further operations and reach out to more clients than ever. Through the use of virtualization for all projects and services, we were able to achieve the goal of providing the ultimate WordPress Hosting and other services to our clients.


Like any competitive WordPress hosting site, AVHoster.com listened to our customers. We were able to add support, development, and consulting services to our growing list of available services through customer requests. eStatim was also established during 2014 that allowed us to produce web applications and assist in building websites for our growing clientele base.


Becoming Eco-Friendly has always been a goal here at AVHoster.com, and it was in 2015 that we made a move to become more Eco-Friendly than ever before. Through Amazon Web Services, we were able to convert our services to 100% cloud-based. This move allowed us to help make the world a better place through cloud-based shared hosting, domain registration, and WordPress hosting services.


Every once in a while, it would be best to change things up a bit, and for AVHoster.com, our year was 2019. We have always strived to deliver optimal shared hosting services and maintain an up to date look to our website. During 2019 we completely revamped our website and migrated all clients to a new client management system. Additionally, we secured partnerships with more vendors to bring increased products and services to our client base.


This year may have started a little rocky for some, but amid all the confusion, AVHoster.com is still your number one web hosting platform providing optimal products and services to our clients on an affordable level. Many things have changed, but our commitment to our clients is timeless. We will always be here for you and your web hosting needs.

For further information or questions, you may contact us call or email:

+ 1 (647) 5586700