Affiliate Program

At our affiliate program is geared toward making our affiliates large commissions. Partnership opportunities are what make businesses stronger and we have developed a comprehensive affiliate program within that allows for maximum revenue in an easy to understand format. If your company would like to join our affiliate program, here is a little more about it.

Why Use Our Affiliate Program?

There are a lot of affiliate programs within the domain registration, shared hosting, and WordPress hosting marketplace, but at, we do not simply offer an average opportunity. When you partner with us you receive an ever-growing list of benefits that include…

  • Free Membership – At membership to our Affiliate program is completely free with no hidden costs like with some comparable companies.
  • Earn 25% Referral Commission – Your ability to make money with and its affiliate program is endless. With a 25% referral commission, you can add to our client base while we add to your bank account.
  • Tracking Cookies – Tracking cookies with are valid for up to 180 days.
  • Real Time Sales Profit Reporting – Like with our online technical support, our affiliate program offers 24/7 access with real time profit reporting.
  • No Programming Skills Required – Our affiliates are not required to be programming experts, so virtually anyone can become an affiliate with
  • No Customer Support Needed

How Does it Work?

With AVHoster, we work with our customers and our affiliates to make our processes easy. To be a part of our affiliate program, you need only to follow 4 simple steps which include…

Step 1: Sign up for Free

We want to hear from you and the first step in that process is to register with us. Registration is easy and requires just a few answers and minimal information to get started. Register through our easy sign-up form.

Step 2: Become an Affiliate Marketer

Next, we ask that you open a ticket request with us. To open a ticket with the request visit, support page. Your name, email address, subject matter, department, priority level, and a brief message are required for ticket requests, so no private, personal information is required.

Step 3: Place Your Ads

The third step in the process is very easy. Simply place one of our high converting banners or text links on your site. The process allows for visitors to your site to click on the banner as a link to our site as a mutually beneficial advertisement. That might sound a little one sided at the moment, but step 4 makes it all come together to benefit you as well as

Step 4: Earn Commissions

Once your ticket has been approved and the banner has been placed, each click to our banner has the potential to make up a lot of money. Approval allows you access to the platform to help you make the money you want with minimal effort on your part. It is a win win!

What to Know Before Enrolling in the Program?

At, we believe information is power and we want all of our new affiliates to know what is in store for them and what to expect, so here are just a few things to take note of before enrolling in the program.

Marketing Material is a leading domain registration, WordPress hosting, and shared hosting site and we know how important having the right marketing materials in place is to our clients and our affiliates. When you partner with through our Web Hosting Affiliate Program, we supply you with a variety of Text Ads, Text Links, and Banners to choose from to maximize our overall reach within your site. These items can be placed anywhere you wish on your site to link back to

Commission Tracking

Affiliates earn commissions on referrals brought to from their individual sites. When banners, text links, or text ads are placed on your site, users click on those sites. Our commission tracker tracks each click brought from your site. Each customer that clicks is considered your client and therefore, you receive a 25% commission on sales linked to those clicks.

Affiliate Payouts

Affiliates are paid via PayPal. Commissions are accumulated within our commission tracker and once your commissions reach $50.00, you receive your payouts in your PayPal account. Our affiliate program is ideal for any size website and company, so why not earn more for such a small amount of effort.

For Webmasters

The choice is yours on which ads you want to place on your site based on your format and flow of your pages. Text ads, text links, and a variety of banners are available to the affiliate, so they can place as many or as few of our ads on their site as they wish. More info.

For Users

For those that do not have a standard site, you can still post our text links into sites. Text links can be placed in Guestbooks, Forums, Classified Ads, Online Magazines, and Online Newspapers. You still maintain commission for these as you, as an affiliate, were the one who placed the ad for us. This form of advertising allows to emphasize our reach to potential clients and market our WordPress hosting, shared hosting, and domain registration services.

Hosting Affiliate Knowledge Area

Have questions? We know you probably do, so be sure to visit our knowledge area. Here you will find answers to all your questions and should your question not be found, remember is available 24/7, so feel free to contact us directly.