Free Website Migration

Transfer Websites to with No Additional Fees is a leader in the shared hosting, WordPress hosting, and domain registration field, but that is not all that we can do for you. Businesses create websites for a variety of reasons and sometimes there are endless options for website creation these days. understands that, although we are among the best WordPress hosting, domain registration, and shared hosting sites available, we are certainly not the only resource for web services.

We not only understand this, but offer services to help our clients transfer their current site to our platform. offers free migration services to clients who already have a website they love, but are just looking for a new hosting platform to maintain it.

Website migration is easy with and through our expert services, your site will experience very little downtime during the seamless transfer. Certain sites, depending on the level of features on the site, will experience zero downtime, so your customers will not be affected while transferring.

Our highly experienced staff can work with you when migrating your site. They take great care to ensure complete migration with minimal interruption and a seamless process. Our staff is also experienced in migration from virtually any control panel is used and which company you previously maintained hosting with. and our free migration services are simply unparalleled by other companies. We are very proud of our accomplishments and show it to customers by offering top grade services with the best value available.

What Will This Migration Include?

When any company offers anything for free, it is natural to have questions. At, we invite all your questions. Our professional employees will do our very best and are available 24/7 for any and all inquiries. For our migration services, you can expect…

  • Full Communication Throughout the Transfer Process – understands that whenever you are transferring information through the internet, it can be a bit confusing, but our customer service agents communicate with clients throughout the process to ensure they understand what is taking place and when all is completed.
  • Migrations Completed within 24 to 48 Hours Guaranteed – Migrating a website is easy with We work to minimize interruptions in service and perform migrations with minimal downtime. Expect migrations to take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours, however, your site will not be completely down during primary transfer, so there will be no real danger of effecting your valuable customers.
  • Assistance with Nameserver Changes – Within your site’s DNS or Domain Name System, it has a Nameserver. This integral part of the system can be tricky to contend with, but even this area is no problem for the experts at We assist with nameserver changes during migration.
  • Migration of All Databases, Site Files, and Emails – Nothing is overlooked with website migration to We take care of it all to ensure every file, database, and email, (in the case of Cpanel to Cpanel transfers) is completely transferred without losing any vital data during the process.
  • Domain Registration Transferring Assistance – When you trust, you never feel as though you are going it alone. One of our service representatives is always available throughout the process including domain registration and transferring. We are with you every step of the way, so even if this is the first time you have ever migrated a website to a new hosting site, it will be done perfectly.

What Qualifies My Site for Free Migration?

Primarily, maintains a very limited number of free transfers available from other hosting sites. For new account holders, free transfers are available within the first 30 days of membership. Please contact technical support if you are a new member within that 30 day window.

As for others who may have already used their free transfer and are out of the 30 day period set aside for new members, we will still migrate your site for a very competitive price. Please, fill out the contact form for technical support. An administrator will get back with you with a quote for your transfer.

Please Note

Free migration services are only offered on an “as is” basis. Not updates, additional website content, or data will be managed to the site and the migration is all that is available. Database connection details will be managed during migration. Copying of an existing site to the new domain is not free nor is changing the URL of an existing site.

Example: WordPress must be configured for the location it is installed to. Transferring a WordPress site from to, or would require reconfiguration for it to function after the migration, and would not be eligible for a free transfer.