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3 Reasons Why is Your Perfect Business Partner

Every business needs a little help from time to time. Whether you among one of the 69% of businesses that begin at home or among the 19% that make up large corporations, you will need a website and therefore quality hosting. At, we pride ourselves on providing the best in shared hosting, WordPress hosting, and domain registration. We want to help your business not merely succeed, but thrive in an ever-competitive online world. Give us the opportunity to make your online dreams come true. Here are just 3 reasons why our domain registration, WordPress hosting, and shared hosting options are kings in the industry.

1. Affordable Hosting Plans & Transparent Pricing

Deciding to start a business can be a huge undertaking. In the beginning, you are subject to a considerable number of unknowns no matter what type of company you maintain. These unknowns can seem insignificant at times, but it is vital to remember that in business, every small amount counts. You need to be vigilant at every turn to ensure you know where your money is at all times. At, we can help you see where your money is going, at least as far as your shared hosting, WordPress hosting, or domain registration is concerned. does not believe in hidden fees and complicated payment plant that cost a fortune. We understand that you are on a budget and must maintain a website that is budget minded as well. Our available hosting options include basic features for a budget minded cost all the way up to premium features for a more luxurious budget. We can help you maintain your small to medium websites, including, but not limited to blogs, dynamic company sites, and online business sites. As your business grows, so can your plan.

Luxury options, such as WordPress, website builders, automatic backups, eCommerce tools, and span filtering allow you to experiment with various aspects of our service and find the right one for your business’s individual needs. is there for you every step of the way.

2. Efficient Tech Support

Tech support is a given with any domain registration site these days, but exactly what level of service you receive from certain shared hosting and WordPress hosting sites can be difficult to determine. When you put your valued website needs in the hands of, you do not receive average service, but exceptional quality customer service 24/7. features a team of expert developers and Linux Engineers that contribute to open source projects on a daily basis. This continual workmanship allows for our support staff to be very helpful to our clients. While online chatting with one of our tech gurus, you will not ever feel as though you know more than the person you are chatting with. Nothing is more discouraging than feeling like you are more of an expert than the expert you are talking with and that is not a fear when you trust Our experts are true professionals and available to you 24/7.

3. Excellent Performance

One of the most disparaging aspects of any website is long load times and too much downtime. A downed website is not making the owner any money and the primary reason you are in business, apart from chasing your passions, is to bring in an income for you and your family. At we value your sites and work to ensure that downtime is a thing of the past. Our efforts have paid off tremendously as 99.99% uptime is our standard. Our hosting is always reliable and always there for you.

Time is money and load time on your site will determine if your customers return or not. The average load time on a site is between 2 and 3 seconds. Any longer, and your user can get bored of waiting and move on. Every second lost to load time is another percent of your overall revenue that is lost.

Lost revenue, lost customers, and lost confidence is not something you will have to contend with when you trust with your shared hosting, domain registration, and WordPress hosting. We value your time and your customer’s time above all else, so let us assist you in having a website that is always available for your clients with the fastest and most reliable load time in the business.

Our support team will work with you to optimize your site and get it to the ideal state to help you make the most of your online presence. Others have tried, but none can match the excellence built into!

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