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Given the reliance that we have on technology, it should come as no surprise that people are looking for the best service possible online. Even the slightest defect with web hosting or mail clients can mean that a business is losing out to the competition online.

As such, there will be times when those operating a small business online are looking to improve their website by updating their web hosting, as well as ensuring more reliable communication is in place using by taking advantage of e-mail migration.

As well as ensuring that the integrity of the website is maintained, the transferring of hosting and e-mail services also ensures that a business can keep its overheads low.

Why Do Businesses Consider Email Migration?

To some, the use of email may only make up a small part of the business, whereas others may rely on it for their business to be able to operate. In either instance, it is important that the email associated with the business can be relied on, and if a current email client can’t be relied on, then it may be worthwhile considering a transfer.

However, some businesses are worried that the upheaval could interfere with business, or even mean important business contacts are lost in the process.

In most instances, those that are having problems with the reliability of their email could also find that there are issues concerning their website and may decide to transfer to another provider.

Another reason as to why a business may decide to transfer its email to another provider is because of the lack of features available with the current email client.

Some may assume an email migration isn’t possible as a domain was purchased by another provider, but domains, hosting, and emails can be transferred with ease if the right hosting provider is used.

Factors to Consider Before Carrying out Email Migration

It’s easy to assume that all email migration platforms are the same, but nothing could be further from the truth. Although there are plenty of platforms that offer a reliable service, there are just as many that don’t invest as much time as they should in their email migration service, meaning that the process is prone to errors and slow.

AVHoster was created to offer customers reliable hosting and professional service at affordable prices.

As such, those looking for reliable webmail and affordable web hosting will find that can offer everything needed for business email at an affordable price.

Another factor that needs to be considered is how long the email migration will take. Although those with more information than others should expect the process to take a little longer, it’s important to have realistic expectations when it comes to email migration.

If using a professional for email migration, then it's important to ascertain what information will be transferred. Although emails will be transferred, this may not include contacts and appointments. It’s always best to double-check than assume, otherwise, the business could lose some important information.

What Features Can Offer in Relation to Email?

Given the reasons why some people decide to transfer their email service to another provider, it’s important to ensure that the service used can offer the features a business is looking for. understands that a business requires reliability and features when it comes to email, which is why it offers 24/7 uptime monitoring and a wide range of features that ensure that only the right messages are being delivered into your business inbox.

Incoming Email Filtering

There’s nothing worse than a business coming to a grinding halt because a virus or malware has found its way into the network via an unmonitored email. As such, has ensured that any SPAM or virus is eliminated from incoming communication before they’re opened by recipients.

Users of can also be confident that they have access to an interface that allows them full control over their email, while also offering easy configuration.

Outgoing Email Filtering

Just as businesses don’t want SPAM and viruses attached to incoming emails, it’s also important to ensure that the integrity of the business is maintained. can offer a professional outgoing mail filtering service that ensures viruses aren’t attached to outgoing emails.

Like many online tools, email migration is something that can be carried out by a business, but it’s advisable to employ the services of a company that specialized in email migration. Although the process may be easy for some, others could find it complicated.

Those that aren’t confident in carrying out email migrations run the risk of data loss and in some instance losing the functionality of the business email altogether.

Email Archiving

As well as ensuring that there are no unwanted attachments on outgoing and incoming communication, there can also be a requirement for businesses to retain emails for legal requirements. understands the importance of backing up communications, which is why it offers a reliable email back-up service that ensures all important communications are retained.

The above-mentioned features ensure that as well as having reliable email, the business can be more productive due to less time being dedicated to filtering out unwanted emails and ensuring that outgoing messages don’t contain any nefarious attachments.

For a business to make use of its online real estate, it must ensure that its infrastructure is in good standing. This means ensuring that the website is optimized in the right way so it can be found online and of course, hosting that can be relied on.

The Benefits of Using AVHoster for Email Migration

As well as the many different features on offer from AVHoster, there are other benefits to using the email migration service on offer from AVHoster.

Not only are customer given access to low-cost hosting that offers a 99% service uptime with spam filtering and virus protection, but also offers the choice to upscale operation when needed and gives customers confidence that an entire backup of the account has been created.

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