Green Hosting: What Is It and How Does It Benefit a Business?

Regardless of the business being operated, there will often be processes in place that help reduce the impact on the environment. An example of this can be companies that rely on wood replenishing the materials being used, as well as efficient ways of manufacturing such goods.

Those that operate a business offering services may feel that their business doesn’t have an impact on the environment and while this can be true, there will be times when a few adjustments could dramatically reduce the carbon footprint, and even reduce the cost to the business in some instances.

When we think of website hosting, many don’t associate it in the same way as a business that manufactures goods, but the fact is that some hosting can mean that the business is putting more strain on the environment without even realizing it.

Fortunately, many providers are seeing the benefits of green hosting and can assure customers that are already making other efforts to lessen the impact on the environment peace of mind that their hosting provider isn’t counteracting these actions.

What Is Green Hosting?

Green hosting is also referred to as eco-hosting and ensures that the company offering the hosting is using green technologies. Just like many industries, the web hosting industry of the past has relied on fossil fuel, mainly because there were few options available at the time.

However, the focus on a greener future has meant that there has been a lot of advancement made concerning green hosting, ensuring that there is less detriment to the environment.

In some instances, hosting companies will look to ensure that they’re using renewable energy as opposed to conventional fossil fuels. However, other steps can be taken to ensure that a business is operating in an energy-efficient way.

Hosting companies can also ensure that they’re using a professional hosting platform that has the latest renewable energy in place, such as Amazon Webs Services (AWS.)

Amazon has made a lot of headway when it comes to offering energy-efficient solutions, meaning that hosting companies can operate without having to worry about harming the environment.

Is Green Hosting More Expensive than Conventional Hosting?

Some may be dissuaded by the concept of green hosting on the assumption that it’s more expensive, but this isn’t the case.

The price of web hosting can depend on several different factors. Given the amount of choice available when it comes to hosting, it’s important to determine your needs beforehand.

For example, some hosting companies may advise that dedicated hosting is better than shared hosting, and while this can be true in some scenarios, small businesses looking for an online presence will find that the right type of shared hosting is just as efficient.

Fortunately, can offer affordable shared hosting that is operated using green technology, meaning that businesses using the hosting aren’t having to worry about there being a detrimental effect on the environment.

Unlike some other shared hosting providers, ensures that servers being used are monitored, ensuring that all websites hosted on the servers are loading quickly and not having difficulty due to online congestion.

Does the Performance Differ Between Green and Conventional Hosting?

Another concern that some could have about green hosting is that it is less reliable than conventional offerings, but the only difference between green hosting and conventional offerings is the way energy is generated to power the servers.

Not only does this ensure that business hosting is efficient, but it can be a great way to reinforce a message from businesses with a focus on going green.

What Do I Need to Look for in a Company Offering Green Hosting?

As there is no difference in the hosting being offered, it’s still important to ensure that you find hosting that works for you. That includes finding a reliable provider at an affordable price. understands that different businesses will have different needs, which is why it offers a series of plans to suit all hosting needs. Regardless of whether you’re just starting or looking to update your current hosting while ensuring that you stay green, can offer the following.

AVH Start

A great plan for those just starting for less than the price of a cup of coffee. For $4.95 a month. Customers of AVH Start will be given access to 5GB of disk space, 5 domains, 2 databases and 20GB of bandwidth each month.

AVH Standard

AVH Standard is a popular choice for many which can attribute to the abundance of features available for $7.95 per month. As well as being able to enjoy 15GB of disk space, users of the AVH Standard hosting plan also have access to 10 domains, 5 databases and 50GB of bandwidth.

AVH Business

Those wishing to expand will want to ensure that there is enough bandwidth available to meet the increased numbers that will be visiting the website, and AVH Business can be the perfect choice of those seeing their customer base grow.

For $14.95 per month, users of AVH Business are given 30GB of disk space, 20 domains, 10 databases, and a whopping 100GB Bandwidth.

AVH Premium

There can be times when businesses just want to ensure that regardless of the traffic they receive, they can be confident that there are no additional charges for the traffic that follows afterwards.

As such, has offered the perfect hosting plan in the guise of AVH Premium. Costing $19.95 per month, the AVH Premium hosting plan offers an astonishing 60GB of disk space in conjunction with unlimited domains, databases, and bandwidth.

The options available from AVHoster are perfect for all business types, which include but aren’t limited to the following:

  • Freelancers
  • Web Design Agencies
  • SEO Professionals
  • Marketing Agencies
  • E-Commerce Stores

As well as offering a robust hosting solution, also ensures that there are hosting options available for all budgets.

Regardless of whether you’re setting up a website for the first time or wish to take advantage of the free website migration offer available for first-time users, then why not register an account with

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