This tutorial will show you how to connect to your account via FTP. To establish an FTP connection you need an FTP hosting account where you can upload your files. You can also create additional FTP accounts for other users.


How to create FTP accounts detailed tutorial

To add new FTP accounts, click on the FTP Accounts icon from the Files box of your cPanel.


On the top of the page you will be prompted for all the necessary details for your new account:


When filling in the details, make sure to pick a strong password for the account. This is important for preventing the so-called brute-force attacks. A strong password will contain at least one number and one special character.

One of the boxes is called "Directory". It determines which will be the home directory of the newly created account. Leaving it blank will allow a full access to your hosting account. recommends that a specific directory is set for each particular user. Leaving the directory space blank will allow your FTP users access the main folder. They will be able to alter the content of your website.

If you are willing to grant such access, you should consider doing this for a limited period of time and then change your password. Otherwise your account could be compromised.

In order to complete the FTP account creation, click on Create at the end of the section.

Removing FTP accounts

FTP accounts can be removed by logging in cPanel and going to FTP accounts. In the Account Management box all FTP accounts will be listed. One of the options in the Functions column is Delete.


 Well done! You can now add, manage and delete FTP accounts!

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