What is the AVHoster Affiliate Program?

AVHoster affiliate program reaches out to people and helps individuals earn off profit made through web hosting sales. Commissions are earned through Hosting sign-ups and may be collected 30 days later, with a minimum threshold of $50 in your account.

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Do I need to have a hosting account with AVHoster to become an affiliate?

No. It is not necessary for affiliates to have a hosting account with AVHoster. However, our...

What is the minimum payout?

The minimum payout is $50.00

How do I calculate my Affiliate commissions?

Commissions are calculated as 25% of sales. For example, if you sell $1000 worth of Hosting you...

How will I get paid?

Your payout will normally be paid through your PayPal account. However, please do let us know if...

When will i get paid?

You will get paid 30 days after making your sales. The sales you make need to be genuine and...