SMBs and Team Collaborations

Even though you may be the primary backer and technician behind your business idea and concept, you cannot possibly do everything alone. There are far too many aspects of an SMB to handle everything, and finding and motivating a high-quality team is how you will drive your business to greatness. SMBs thrive on team collaborations, and every business has an individualized team structure that works for them. Here are some of the most popular team structures so you can find the one that works best for your SMB.

Flat or Mechanistic Teams

In a mechanistic team structure, there is a distinct hierarchy. The chain of command is laid out accordingly, and everyone knows their place in the chain. Standard mechanism teams consist of a CEO followed by managers or leaders, and at the base of the vertical structure are the everyday workers. Each person knows who to report to in an issue, and collaboration can happen with a distinct leader heading the process.

On the other end of the spectrum, horizontal or flat teams maintain a more even spectrum when it comes to how to approach problems and issues. There are managers in a flat team structure, but each manager is only appropriated over a specific division. This structure can be difficult to maintain and make your SMB work successfully, and you will have to set rules to be followed across the board without exceptions.

Still, there is a third structure that tends to work best for most companies. Instead of having a completely regimented mechanistic team with military-style ranking or a flat variety in which everyone is on the same level, most companies bring the two together to form what is known as a hybrid structure. In this team structure, larger companies denote various regions where a manager has primary authority over the area. Managers can make some decisions independently, so every small decision to be made does not have to go directly to the top.

Know-How Your Team Works Best

When considering a mechanistic or flat team, you must understand how your team works together. Ask specific questions such as who a natural-born leader is in the group and how important it is that your team maintain an even structured environment for ultimate success. When compiling your team, it can be easy to pick out leaders, but do not be fooled by simply boisterous ones. Sometimes, the quieter individual will surprise you by becoming a true leader. A group leader should have the best interest of the entire group in mind and not just climbing to the top of the SMB.

Why Invest in Team Building?

Team building has become more important in the past few decades. There was a time when workers were expected to show up, do their job, and go home. However, that stifled creativity and did little to impact the work environment positively. Businesses became stagnant with little room for growth.

In modern business life, the need for team building is almost a requirement. Employees do not want to go to a business and work for the sake of a paycheck. They have a deep desire to be a part of something larger and know there is room for growth within the company. An emphasis on team building brings employees together. Those seemingly insignificant exercises we see at team-building seminars are designed to show off the strengths and weaknesses of individuals within the concept of the entire group.

Do We Have to Have a Team Building Retreat?

No, you do not have to invest in a full-scale team-building retreat to bring your team together in your SMB. It is a great idea to plan an annual team-building event such as a retreat. Many team-building activities can be done in the office or even in an online meeting if your SMB works remotely. Team building can be in the form of dinner or drinks together after work or even set a specific time each week to play a short game or answer trivia questions.

Team building is actually simple and takes the stress out of work. Have regular friendly competitions among staff members with a small prize at the end. Anything can be made into a team-building activity if you turn it into a competition.

Team building for your SMB may not seem very significant at the time of starting your business. Still, over time, you will begin to discover that bringing your team together in fun activities positively impacts the workday. Your SMB can grow to untold heights, but it takes an effort in team building by bringing your employees together to see it is done effectively.

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