AdRoll Privacy Notice is a privacy-conscious organization and is strongly committed to your right to privacy. By submitting identifying data, a visitor to our Web site agrees to's use of such data as described in this privacy statement. Should you have questions, however, feel free to email


AdRoll provides targeted advertising services and may place a cookie on your browser to allow them to serve adverts that are more relevant to you. When a cookie is dropped into your browser, they do not collect any information from you, the visitor. A cookie is only used to track the visitor's browsing behaviour, which will help them serve the right adverts to you at the right time.

AdRoll's SmartPixel

AdRoll does not save any information regarding visitors using the SmartPixel cookie; the data they do collect includes:

•   Website Activity: This is data about your browsing activity on our websites, for example, which pages you visited.

•   Device and Browser Information: This is technical information about the device or browser you use to access our websites, for example, the device IP address and type.

•   Advert Data: This is data about the online adverts AdRoll served (or attempted to serve) you. It includes information such as what page an advert appeared on, how many times it was served to you and whether you interacted with the advert.


This data may be used by third parties to target advertising on other sites based on your online activity.


We do not disclose or share any of your personal data with AdRoll.

You may opt-out of receiving targeted advertising at any time using one or more of the following options:

• clicking on the blue icon that typically appears in the corner of the adverts or by using the AdRoll Cookie Opt-Out

• AdRoll is a member of the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI), and you may use the NAI opt-out tool to opt-out of seeing targeted adverts from AdRoll and other NAI approved member companies.

• AdRoll comply with the Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioural Advertising as managed by the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA), and you can opt-out via the DAA website

• The European Interactive Advertising Digital Alliance (EDAA) provide guidelines for online advertising, and you can opt-out via their Your Online Choices website

Opting out will not prevent you from seeing adverts, and the adverts served will be less relevant because they won't be tailored to your interests. The adverts might, for instance, be randomly generated or based on the web page you are visiting.

For more information, please read AdRoll's Service Privacy Notice.


Last Update: 01/17/2020 - 18:54pm