How much does it cost to start a Drop Servicing Business?

If you have ever wanted to start a business but do not have the time or the skillset to cater to your niche, then you may want to consider opening a drop servicing business. Drop servicing businesses offer a service but then pass the service to a freelancer or third party to complete. This way of conducting business can be pretty profitable. But ... Read More »

29th Oct 2021
How much to charge for a website (using a bought template) with maintenance fees?

If you are starting to venture into website development, the first question that you should ask is how much you should charge your client. You want to stay competitive in the market, but at the same time, you want to ensure that the price points are appealing to your target market. When starting, you may choose to use templates and customize those ... Read More »

22nd Oct 2021
Shared hosting for a digital artist

Many artists have begun combining traditional and digital art mediums to their portfolios. Social media platforms have become a norm for artists wishing to share their work. However, due to the time frame and the lack of control, many artists have sought out their websites on shared hosting platforms. If you are an artist seeking to maximize your ... Read More »

15th Oct 2021
The cost to run a Sass Platform with a few million Annual Recurring Revenue

Sass or Software as a service is the platform that allows users to access cloud-based apps over the internet. These apps are a purchase and pay-as-you-go software solution. Nested on the internet through the services provider, these applications have become a norm in today's technology world. Because of this, businesses are starting to incorporate ... Read More »

8th Oct 2021
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