Dear Customers and Visitors,

We are going through difficult times. The coronavirus pandemic is impacting everyone, from our families to our businesses. As the situation continues to affect our world, we wanted to reach out and update you on how we’re supporting our employees, our community and you - our customer and partner.

To ensure our customers’ businesses are supported, we have taken steps as part of our business continuity plan:

  • Requiring our employees to work from home. This will ensure that your businesses continue receiving excellent service and support.
  • Working closely with our partners to make sure we have additional equipment and supplies to take care of employees, and by extension, our customers.

As a company proudly serving the web professional & small business community, we know how critical the online services we are providing in helping our customers to maintain their business are during stressful and complicated times like this.

As the situation evolves, we will be investing in our capabilities, equipment and support and reacting in real-time to make sure we are here supporting our customers through this.

AVHoster continues to be available and ready for higher volumes. We have taken all precautions to be able to support you during these times.

We are compassionate with those affected - people, families and businesses around.

Stay safe and healthy!

Best Regards,

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

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