The internet continues to grow. As we advance more and more into a digitally based global community, the hosting and reliance upon online technology grow. For the domain and web hosting services industry, there are new players in the market, new trends to follow, and new data that must be analyzed to create plans strategically and adequately for the following year. If you are a web hosting provider or want to know a little more about the web hosting industry, read on to find out the statistics of 2021.

Domain names are on the rise.

There are many sites on the web, or at least there are a ton of names that could be cited. Market data shows that there are 1.21 billion hostnames registered online. But this number is not exactly a clear indicator of the number of sites that have top-rated web hosting. The number is far less for active sites. Only 200.8 million of the 1.21 billion registered names are life. What does this mean for the industry?

It means that the domain name registration USA users are using is increasing. Users see the value of purchasing domain names to increase the traffic to their sites. It also suggests that websites are using multiple hostnames. Since only 15.5% of all registered hostnames are live, we can assume that an excellent portion of the domain names are being bought to sell once the SERPs indicate that it is more desirable.

The number of hosts available grows.

While the domain names continue to increase, so does the hosting for those domain names. In the beginning, there were only four hosts available. Almost 50 years later, the industry has an outstanding 126 million hosts. The number is expected to increase in 2022. But how successful are these host sites? Are they merely businesses hoping to have websites? The answer is yes and no.

If you look at the number, there are 126 million hosts and 200.8 million live hostnames. Per data acquired, there are 28.2 million websites (showing that some of the domains are tied to the same page). This number means that there cannot be websites on all hosts. This is not to say that the number of websites will not increase to fill the hosts offered, but currently, the market for hosts is larger than the supply or demand.

The market value is on the rise. 

Market value for domain and web hosting services is on the rise. According to surveys, the value is placed at an increase of 15.5% from the $56.7billion value of 2019. To break down the value of the growth, we can see that the shared hosting services had a high share of 37.4%. And where you may think that the growth would be dominant in the USA domain and hosting web market. The leaders contributing to the growth rater were Germany and the UK. 7 million domains were hosted between these two countries. 

But it is not just the current numbers that should be cause for celebration for web hosting providers. Projections show that there will be an increase in the market. This is primarily estimated due to the increase in machine learning, AI, and VPS services. The private sector is expected to grow by 16.2%, while businesses will slowly progress from 2020 to 2027.

Leaders in hosting

As with prior years, there have been some leaders in the hosting market. Providers who dominate our GoDaddy, Cloudflare, Google, and Amazon. Comparatively, GoDaddy leads the market with a 44.18million websites hosted by Cloudflare and Google, which have just over 10 million websites each. This being stated, the margin is slowly closing. More websites are being hosted on the smaller sites in 2021, which raises the question of how well GoDaddy may perform in 2022. If the trends of 2021 continue, we can expect to see Google and Amazon dramatically narrow the gap, although GoDaddy is still predicted to be the leader.

Regarding shared web hosting providers, NameCheap, blue Host, and one on 1 are the top contenders after GoDaddy. Smaller companies see more customers seeking out shared domain and web hosting services. Again, if the trends increase, we can expect to see the number of sites on growing web hosting providers increase in 2022.


While individual pages continue to dominate the market, WordPress web hosting services are rising using providers such as Bluehost, DreamHost, HostGator, and other WordPress shared hosting. While these remain the top WordPress web hosting services, look for a more fast-growing web hosting providers in 2022.

Monday, December 6, 2021

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