With the increase of providers, those who have websites should take the time to find out which are performing at optimal levels and which are not. Additionally, the hosting should be taken into consideration. For those who have WordPress sites, the hosting provider chosen needs to have a proven record of visits, uptime, and an engaging and intuitive interface for their users. Consider using the fastest growing web hosting provider in 2021, Kinsta.

What is Kinsta?

Kinsta is a web hosting provider focusing on WordPress and hosting services. It is a managed service, meaning that you do not have to worry about handling the backup, software updates, app updates, etc. The hosting provider does all of this for you. With that being stated, Kinsta is a shared WordPress hosting service. The more people who use the servers, the slower you will find your site. But is this an issue?

Speeds of Kinsta

The speed of Kinsta is based upon several different technologies to help with the loading times. The four which are used by the WordPress hosting services include Nginx, PHP 8.0, LXD containers, and MariaDB. When all of these technologies are in place, the sites quickly load. On average, you have 810ms on pages. Keep in mind that you want your page to load in under 2 seconds for new websites. If your site loads in over this time, it is considered slow. The 810ms provides the user with speeds that load the website in less than that.

You should optimize your media on your WordPress site if you wish to have the best loading times. If you find that your site is loading longer than a second on the Kinsta hosting platform, it could be that you have media, images, or other content which is bogging down the system. Check to ensure that all of your content is web-ready, compressed, and optimized for the best results.

Security for your site

Kinsta has become the fastest-growing host due to several factors. One of the primary reasons it is selected is the security measures taken to ensure that websites and data are free from hacks and spam. The site uses Cloudflare firewalls to secure most of the data. They also use a standard domain and web hosting services software such as DDoS detection and SSL certificates and support to minimize the risk of spam and hacking.

In addition to the software and firewall used to secure the site, monitoring and detecting issues are crucial to your website and data. Kinsta has an active and passive measure to stop any attacks. Uptime scans are conducted every 2 minutes. For this reason, the hosting provider can boast a 99.99% uptime for 2021. 

If you are still concerned with the security of your site, know that backups are done daily.

Hosting your site

Another reason that Kinsta is the fastest growing WordPress domain and hosting service is found in how it is housed. The hosting is on google cloud, so the sites and the data for the sites tend to be more in line with the demands of Google’s algorithms. True, you still need to provide proper SEO, but in terms of the coding and the backend stuff, having the site on Google cloud increases the odds of higher SERPs. Second, the site is stored on SSD cloud servers. What does this mean? SSDs are solid-state drives and are a faster means of storing data. It is used in place of a hard drive. By using both the cloud along SSD servers, you get fast and reliable hosting of your WordPress Site.

What does the number say about the fastest-growing hosting site in 2021?

The numbers show that Kinsta will be the fastest-growing hosting site in 2021. According to available data, 20,000 visits per month in 2021 to the site. This may not translate into users, but the traffic should indicate how popular the site and services are becoming. Should you wish to try Kinsta, they currently have a 30-day money-back guarantee on their service packages. The WordPress hosting services start at $25 per month and increase.


Kinsta is intended for WordPress users seeking to have their website or commerce site hosted on a fast and reliable server. It is not intended to be used by businesses that have substantial traffic. Kinsta is best suited for small to medium-based businesses.

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

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