If you’re a company or business that isn’t making use of the world of email, you should definitely change that. Utilizing email marketing is consistently cited as one of the best avenues that deliver the highest ROI. Email marketing is used by thousands of businesses across the globe. It doesn’t matter the size of your business, you still have something to gain from email marketing. You can reach an already engaged audience at a low cost and deliver targeted messages, not to mention drive revenue. Here are some of our top tips to help you create a winning email marketing strategy.

Test your subject lines before sending them out

Did you know there is a tool online that allows you to test every subject line before you hit send? CoSchedule’s free tool, Email Subject Line Tester, allows you to optimize subject lines to see how they’ll look in your customer’s inboxes. It calculates a score for you and lets you tweak in order to boost results!

Always use a real person’s name in the sender field

Nobody likes getting emails from a robot or an unknown person. Getting an email from a person always feels more friendly than one from a brand. You don’t have to eliminate the business name altogether, just integrate a real person’s name like so: Craig | AVhoster. If you’re struggling to pick a real employee’s name in the sender field, consider the best point of contact for any customers who have any queries. 

Consider using power words

Using ‘power words’ is a great way to try to increase your email open rates. Think about words that are likely to attract customers. Consider including words or phrases like: "limited time", "exclusive", "brand new", "back in stock", "freebie", "on sale now", and so on!

Don’t forget about available preview text

Some email clients allow you to see preview text after the subject line. If no preview text is filled in, space is typically filled with a copy from the email body itself. If you ask us, this is a wasted opportunity! This is a great way to continue to boost email open rates as this preview text can often work as the last call! The idea is to create an eye-catching subject line and then use your preview text to add some context. If you are teasing an offer, use this as an opportunity to add more specifics. 

Friday, June 18, 2021

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